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  Private Equity Investment

Clicking Capital Corp. typically arranges private equity investments on behalf of investor clients only in those companies for whom advisory services are being provided. Clicking Capital has supported many successful investments in businesses backed by its partners and clients.

Mr. Wilson's private equity investment philosophy is straightforward: he seeks to meet, if not to exceed, investors' expectations by understanding the unique demands and specific situation of each investee company. He therefore seeks to add value by focusing on and working with a limited number of client companies operating in a limited range of industry sectors during any single period of time.

If you are a business with a will to succeed but lack sufficient capital investment to do so, please contact Mr. Wilson directly..
  Our Core Principles include:

  • Our clients' needs and interests come first
  • Our reputation is fundamental to our long-term success, and team members take pride in their work
  • Our success is directly proportional to that of our clients; therefore, we strive to anticipate the changing needs of our clients and to evolve our services to meet those needs
  • Our team members maintain high ethical standards in everything they do.