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  Advisory Services

Clicking Capital works with a wide range clients assisting management teams to achieve well-defined objectives, to provide insightful advice as well as professional, timely service. Mr. Wilson typically works concurrently with a limited number of clients, investing considerable time in understanding and listening to each client's needs. He believes in aligning Clicking Capital's interests with its clients' - whether on behalf of shareholders or major stakeholders - through a unique engagement process which provides considerable flexibility depending on each client's competitive, financial and or regulatory situation.

Mr. Wilson has worked with clients in virtually every segment of the Information Economy, ranging from software vendors to service providers, and from applications developers to content producers.

We have worked with clients in most segments of the so-called Old Economy, ranging from traditional manufacturing and distribution, to natural resource extraction and commodities trading.

We have worked with clients across the Global Financial Services spectrum, ranging from international banking and trust services to multi-line insurance and wealth management.

We have also worked in numerous cross-over situations, simultaneously leveraging Mr. Wilson's extensive knowledge and experience in Information Technology and Financial Services.

By sharing our experience and knowledge with our clients, we believe each client can and will achieve that which otherwise seems unachieveable!
  Companies We've Worked For

Clicking Capital Corp. has provided extensive and in many cases long-term executive advisory services to companies globally.

Mr. Wilson has undertaken more than a dozen successful restructuring mandates in as many years, and provided strategic advisory services to numerous public and private companies.

As client engagements are almost always subject to highly restrictive confidentiality agreements, we ask that you contact us directly for professional references.